Local Whistler artist Kris Kups and I set out on a paint break to shoot some moto, and enjoy a beer.

Filmed and edited by Ryan Kenny featuring X games gold medalist cody matechuk

Jerry's Day is the love story of our time. Set in the remote location of Whistler, BC Canada, our young Jerry played by Stan Rey meets the girl of his dreams.

Produced and Directed by Ryan Kenny for Whistler Blackcomb's HKD I AM A SNOWMAKER'S profile.

Featuring Kaeli McArter, filmed and edited by Ryan Kenny.

Explore the process of creating murals & canvases with Canadian artist Kris Kupskay aka “Kups”. Equipped with a spray can, airbrush and acrylics, Kups has travelled the world, sharing his passion with thousands. He inspires others to follow their dreams by living life on his own terms.

Kris Kupskay brings his original painting to life by painting in Samantha Hall in this artists collaboration

Directed By Ryan Kenny.

Clean It Recycling Solutions is a small local business in the city of Vancouver that dedicates itself on renewable energy.

I had the opportunity to document the night sky in Fiji while filming for season 3 of Australian Survivor. Using my Cinevate Duzi slider with the Modo attachment and the Sony A7s I was able to capture the wonders at night.

Written, directed, filmed and edited by Ryan Kenny for the 2018 tourism Whistler campaign.

Perspective is a film made to showcase some of the snow photographers who dedicate their lives behind the lens.

Out Of Service is a web series created by Geoff Brown and Ryan Kenny. Made by Snowboarders for Snowboarders and anyone who wants a good laugh…

Edited by Ryan Kenny. This ski film represents the navigation of British Colombia’s best kept secrets.


RICH'S MISSION To enhance the collective lives of the local community. Achieved by giving Whistlerites access to the benefits of physical training, mindfulness through Yoga, nourishment through healthy eating and human connection by sweating/suffering and socializing together.

Celebrating 50 years of success. The Whistler Mountain Ski Club brings a community together in leadership and sport. Directed by Ryan Kenny

"The future of snowboarding is in good hands." That's what Austen Sweetin said after the 2018 Quiksilver Young Guns Snow final. Featuring Travis Rice and the young guns.

Documented skies in the south pacific island of Samoa. Shot on the A7S , Cinevate Duzi slider and modo timelapse gear.